Have you started to ask yourself questions like “How do I know when it is time..” or “When do we know..”?  Trying to decide when the time is right for euthanasia is agonizing.   It is natural to struggle with such and emotionally painful… and final decision.

Our quality of life consultation is designed to help you answer these questions as well as to determine if there are medications or treatment options that may be available to help your pet live more comfortably.   There are many factors to consider when determining if it is indeed time to say goodbye.  Our Veterinarian will help you to evaluate your pet’s quality of life by discussing energy level, mobility/pain level, appetite as well as a number of other aspects that define their physical and emotional well-being. 

Our Veterinarian may speak with your family Veterinarian or request your pet’s medical records to better understand the specific needs and challenges for your pet.

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